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Therefore, the climate in which the organisms lived differs somewhat from that of the present-day western United States. If you were able to visit the Green River locality during the Eocene, you would see palms, cat-tails, sycamores, and other familiar plants from North America, but you would also see some that are today more common in, or restricted to, eastern Asia.

For example, to determine when the transition from the Wasatchian-Bridgerian early to middle Eocenein which a significant change occurred in the fauna of Western North America, scientists used Chron C22r methods, which are stratigraphic methods of dating. Other methods to date fossils and rocks include radiometric dating and paleomagnetism, a method in which magnetic polarization, acquired by the minerals in a rock at the dating in asia united rivers the rock was deposited or solidified, is analyzed.

In Europe and Asia, Eocene fossil localities are incomplete or have been disturbed, so the fact that the Green River locality is so complete allows scientists to form a more comprehensive picture of the era.

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